Mama Said MYOB


Since we’ve tied the knot, lots of people have asked us, both together and separately, “how’s married life?” It’s a pretty harmless question, and that’s ok, especially when it comes from our close friends, family members, or some co-workers. I’m never really sure what they’re looking for, though, when asked. “It’s cool, I guess?” or… “Not a whole lot different from pre-married life?” or… “Now we have matching power-up rings?” Like any other probing question, regardless of however innocuous it may be, you have to figure out your audience for the appropriate response. You can respond to some people with a generic “it’s all good”/thumbs up response, so they can pat you on the head and say, “that’s nice dear;” with others, you can discuss some of the nitty-gritty life things. So.. how’s married life? Here’s my main nitty-gritty: for some reason, since we’ve gotten married, barely-even-acquaintances feel like they get to weigh in on our relationship, or that their opinions have been requested. Let me explain…

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We’re Married… Now What?


Wow. You guys. It… has been… a whirlwind. Weddings really do take a lot out of you, and mine almost became  my third job. More like an unpaid internship in event planning, really. If you’ve read some of my posts, you already know that I’m not as frequent of a blogger as I ought to be, or could be, in all honesty. In the words of Woody Allen, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

My original plan for this blog would be one post per week leading up to the wedding, so I should have had like… 70-ish posts, I think. That didn’t happen. Some weeks, I was a little better about it, but then… stuff. So what has happened since my last post?

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What’s In a Name?

whats in a name

In these last few weeks before the wedding, we’ve been dealing with all the legal, insurance, and financial stuff that goes along with getting married. Newsflash: there is a lot of paperwork that goes into becoming a married couple. Like, a lot. Nothing that we didn’t know going into this, though. On several of the forms, we’ve had to include what my name will be after we get married. Before I share what I’m planning on doing, I thought I’d ask a few married friends what and how they decided what to do after getting married.

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