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Hi there! I’m Twyf, and I’m a 27 year old higher education professional from Northeast Ohio. I need a creative outlet for all of my thoughts, so here’s this blog. I used to write about “becoming wife,” but now that I’m happily married to Brian, I decided I needed to shift my focus to “life after wife.” You can still find all of my wedding musings with Twyf Becomes Wife, including my most popular posts detailing hints and tips for creating your wedding registry and questions to ask your partner before tying the knot. Twyf was my college nickname, and it has stuck with me ever since, especially since I opted to keep my name (and add on my husband’s last name) after the wedding.

We’ve kept busy since getting married, buying a house not long after returning from our honeymoon. Currently, we are working on finding a dog to adopt. I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family and friends, however near or far they are. I loved my undergraduate university experience so much that I found a way to stay in college by finding my career calling in higher education. When I’m not working, I hit the gym or go to Zumba, get my arts-and-crafts on, or catch up on my Hulu queue. Shopping is my cardio warm-up, and I love the thrill of finding a good deal.

This blog will be about my life – favorite recipes, craft tutorials, life hacks/hints/tips, outfit inspiration, and more. I’m an opinionated person, so it will likely include my thoughts or observations, from day-to-day interactions to “big life topics.” Hopefully, I’ll be posting once a week. If I have time to go to Zumba at least twice a week, I have time to write…. right?

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy my posts. If you do, please subscribe!



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