We’re Married… Now What?


Wow. You guys. It… has been… a whirlwind. Weddings really do take a lot out of you, and mine almost became  my third job. More like an unpaid internship in event planning, really. If you’ve read some of my posts, you already know that I’m not as frequent of a blogger as I ought to be, or could be, in all honesty. In the words of Woody Allen, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

My original plan for this blog would be one post per week leading up to the wedding, so I should have had like… 70-ish posts, I think. That didn’t happen. Some weeks, I was a little better about it, but then… stuff. So what has happened since my last post?


Well, for starters, Brian and I got married, and it was beautiful and wonderful and memorable and everything we wanted. Thank you for any and all kind words, comments, and thoughts you’ve sent my way through the whole planning process. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing the story of our wedding day and how Twyf became Wife (yet still found a way to remain Twyf). We honeymooned in Las Vegas, and not even two weeks later, we were already on the house hunt. (Keep your fingers crossed for us, we’ve found one that we really love!) Things are in a huge stage of flux, both in regard to our living arrangements, and with one of my jobs undergoing a temporary relocation. Everything is moving, and sometimes quicker than I would like.

I’ve been learning more about myself with this wedding and with moving, and I alluded to it a little bit in a previous post about all the ways to be overwhelmed. I am learning that chalking up my perfectionist thoughts and behaviors to simply being overly Type A isn’t the whole story, and that maybe those control issues run a bit deeper. I am so lucky that I’ve married a man who is not only patient with me, but cares enough to make the effort to learn how to help me when its all just a little to much. It wasn’t just the “we’re-married-and-now-we’re-immediately-getting-a-house” change that triggered those feelings; it could be as simple as a change of plans that would make me feel overwhelmed. But, it is all a learning process: as I learn about myself and to acknowledge problems for what they are and not make excuses for them, I’m finding ways to deal with and lessen the anxiety (for that’s what it truly is, at it’s core) I feel.

And what about Twyf Becomes Wife? What will become of it now that we’re married? Well, I still plan to write about wedding things — my wedding, other people’s weddings, tips and tricks that I learned along the way, and other topics. I think I may also write about this house hunt, and the experience of being a newlywed. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished with this blog and the audience that I’ve reached (129k views and counting, whhhattt?!?), so I couldn’t bear to just scrap it now that the wedding is over. Plus, one of my big hopes for this potential-maybe house is that having my own office space where I can be creative and be surrounded by things that will inspire and motivate me will get me back in productive groove.


Thanks for giving me a chance to be real for a few minutes about where this blog, and my life, really, stand. It can be awkward and uncomfortable, and I understand that, but everyone feels awkward and uncomfortable at some point in their lives. When you can own up to it, I think that’s when you can make progress.

All photos by Limelight Images. Look forward to a future post featuring some of my favorite photos from that day!




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