That’s not a word that we really allow ourselves to use, as brides or moms or working women or (fill in the blank), do we? Well, I’m using it today. I’m owning it. Because I am. But first, before you think that I’m just turning into a stressed-out, mega bridezilla, hear me out…

What??? How??

What??? How??

I am absolutely overwhelmed at the response my last blog post featuring tips for creating your wedding registry has received — thank you, Pinterest! I started this blog because I didn’t want to flood Dames Who Dish with wedding-related posts, and I wanted to share my experience while sharpening my blogging skills. I never, ever expected for a moment that I’d have a post that reached over 30k+ views. I hope I can continue to write quality content for all of you to enjoy.

However, I won’t lie: the last month or so has been really stressful — a couple of times to the point where I asked Brian if it was too late to just use our honeymoon (to Las Vegas!) to elope. Working on our invitations was super overwhelming, and I know that between Brian, my mother, and I, we probably spent a collective 20 hours cutting, attaching, and addressing the invitations. There was almost a huge issue with getting the invitations, directions, accommodations, and RSVP cards printed, but I was able to avert that crisis. (Pro tip: if you have a legitimate customer service related issue, never hesitate to use the proper channels to contact the company. Make sure you don’t use heated, in-the-moment language and thoroughly explain the issue, and you’ll be more likely to receive some sort of response. I’ve done this twice during the whole wedding planning process.) Both jobs have been quite busy lately, between it being “bridal Christmas” and things really taking off for my student programming position. Everything just seemed like it was working against me and I couldn’t catch a break. I only say “me” because when stuff goes wrong, I find it much easier to take it all on myself. I’m a hyper Type A, so by being able to delegate tasks, I could probably avoid a lot of stress, but that’s so much easier said than done, unfortunately.

I love these girls: Joni, Kara, Carmen, and Jeannette (not pictured: Sarah Lew. Picture her on the slopes in Colorado teaching kiddos to ski!)

I love these girls: Joni, Kara, Carmen, and Jeannette (not pictured: Sarah Lew. Picture her on the slopes in Colorado teaching kiddos to ski!)

All of that being said… I am overwhelmed by the love and support that our friends and family have given us since we got engaged, and especially in the last couple of months. My sweet mother and my incredible bridesmaids hosted a lovely shower for us at my church, and Brian’s mother made a delicious cake. I can’t thank them enough for all that they did for us. The inclement weather of that day threw us a few curve balls, but it was still beautiful. This past weekend, a few of the girls I’ve grown close to from Brian’s circle of friends threw me a “shower check” so I could share that bridal rite of passage with them. (They know the way to my heart, and it is paved with chocolate…) I’m so lucky for my family and friends and all of the wonderful women in my life.

See what I mean? Overwhelmed — but mostly for good reasons. I know the stress of all the wedding-related things will probably get worse before it gets better, but I’m supported by a pretty solid group. Things are gonna be ok.

super duper

via Wit & Delight tumblr, image by Marc Johns

Within the time it took me to take that screen shot until I finished writing this, that blog post had received 347 more views. I can’t even.


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