No One Told Me: Tips for Creating Your Wedding Registry

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Things are progressing pretty quickly now that we have under four months until W-Day. The save-the-dates have all been sent (look for that in a future post!), the suits have been selected, my headpiece has come in (squee!!), and we met with our pastor for the first time this weekend. My faboosh bridesmaids are in the process of planning our bridal shower, which means we need to set up our registries. We had always planned to do it in January, anyhow, since we wanted to wait until the Christmas seasonal items should all be gone. However, no one told me that creating our bridal registry would be the most stressful thing about getting married (or, at least with the exception of a few stupid things, has been so far).

One sunny-yet-chilly afternoon about a week and a half ago, Brian and I headed out to our local Target full of engaged-couple bliss, ready to complete our registry at one of the stores on which we had decided. Within the first twenty minutes that wedding day bliss turned into a sad, week-old helium balloon. First, we had to log in to the kiosk to pull up our registry, which already had a few items on it. Before we started seriously planning, we had created a wedding email address to keep all of that separate from personal and work email, and used the same password for all accounts connected to it. Each time I entered the password, it gave me an error message. I had to log on to Target’s website with my phone to change it, and then log out of my work email (which is connected to my phone) and log in to the wedding email. After fifteen minutes of getting that straightened out, the customer service associate told us to print a certain page, so I pressed “print” and…. nothing happened. She had put us on a kiosk that had no printer. While we were logging in our credentials on a kiosk that did have a printer, another couple came and returned their handheld scanner. Everything was printed and ready to go, and the associate gave us the scanner the couple before us had just used, and told us to “dream big.”

Yeah. Thanks.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t handle inefficiency and redundancy well, so I was already a bit edgy. So, we get to the luggage section and after doing a thorough comparison of suitcases, we decided on one, and… the battery on the scanner died. Ugh. Brian went back to the front desk to get a new scanner and we continued on.


I would estimate we probably spent ten minutes discussing the pros and cons of different vacuum cleaners. I’ve never had to consider the status of our Tupperware before. Nor had I ever put so much thought into bathroom accessories. No one had ever told me that this would be so stressful and time-consuming. No one ever told me that registering for a bridal shower will make you want to question nearly everything about your partner’s tastes (with the exception of deciding on you, of course). Everything was a discussion, and I can’t decide if it did or didn’t help that there are just so many options for things. Towel color, fabric quality, and quantity. Do we need a new _____? Do we have enough of _____ already? I would like to make it clear that none of this was Brian-induced. I think since we’ve both lived on our own before and already have certain things, we have to figure out how to tastefully combine them. No, we don’t need a new toaster oven, I have the one that was used for less than six months at my old apartment. Yes, it is time to get rid of those dishes, I really don’t like red.


Gray Grayson? That’s the very best they could do for this curtain? That’s ok. I still love Threshold.

So, here we are, 2/3 of our way through our first registry, and not even started on our second store. What have I learned? Here it is:

  1. Go on a day where neither of you have time constraints. The first day, we thought we could do it before we went to dinner at his parents’ house. Last Friday, we thought we could finish before he had to go to work. Both days, we were wrong.
  2. Have a game plan. Take time to discuss what kind of color schemes you want to go with for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and beyond. Even if you’re talking about it in the car on your way to the store, talk about it. Find a list online (like this one or this very comprehensive one) that will give you a general guideline for things that people normally register for so you don’t overlook anything.
  3. Go through the things you each already have and see what can stay and what can go. He just received a good set of pots and pans, as well as a George Foreman grill two Christmases ago, so we don’t need to register for either of those things.
  4. Be prepared to stop for lunch at some point, or bring a snack and water with you. I really wish I’d had water to drink the other day. It isn’t unreasonable to think that either of you will get grumpy if you’re walking around and discussing the Huge Life Decision of which spatula to get for hours, so stay nourished and hydrated!
  5. Register for things at all different price points. Some people will go together and get that big ticket item, while others might want to snap up a few of the lower-priced items and combine them into a set. Register at multiple locations, and consider doing online registries, too. (We’re thinking Amazon.) We’re registering for everything we like at our first store, and then if we see the same thing but slightly different at our second store, and then we’ll go online to compare the two to see which we can eliminate.
  6. Ask people what has been useful for them and what hasn’t. I polled my Facebook friends to see what they’ve used, and what they wish they had included in their registries. There were some really useful suggestions, including a handheld steamer, a fireproof lock box for important documents, and a cast iron skillet.
  7. Double-check your registry online when you get home. Our scanner was acting funky, and some quantities that we had changed didn’t show up in our registry. I think we’ll need more than one hand towel for the bathroom…

Almost ready for a break. Those towels look super comfy, too…

A personal tip that I’d like to include, but I wouldn’t say is necessary: go with things that will be classic for a long time, or will be easy to coordinate with other things. We’re going with clean, classic white dishes and clear glasses because those aren’t going to look dated five years from now. It’ll be cheaper to swap out things in accent colors than to replace a whole set of sheets or dishes or whatever because they’re out of style now.

What other tips would you include? What has been the most useful thing you received from your wedding registry?


58 thoughts on “No One Told Me: Tips for Creating Your Wedding Registry

  1. Gillian says:

    This is very helpful! I never thought about bringing snacks, but now that you mention it, that is going to be a must with my fiancee who is a very cranky shopper!

    • twyf says:

      Thank you, Gillian! My now-hubby is not in it for the long haul when it comes to shopping… unless it has to do with our upcoming potential home remodel!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Good tip about bringing a water bottle! I always get super thirsty when I’m shopping, but hadn’t considered that. I’m going registry ‘shopping’ at Bed, Bath and Beyond this evening with my fiance. I’ve spent hours looking at lists and researching things online and marking up lists. I’ve started adding things that I don’t need to see in person and I went to the store by myself the other day just to do a once over and get myself situated so that once my fiance is there I don’t need to drag him around forever deliberating over everything. I have a list of things that he wants input on or that I’d like to feel (like towels and sheets) so I’m hoping my preparation will make it pretty painless to get that stuff taken care of tonight and then I can finish the rest on my own. It’s definitely taken much more time and effort than I’d anticipated though! Good luck finishing up!

    • twyf says:

      I never thought about scouting out the stores before actual going and registering; that could have saved a lot of time. I knew I’d want his input on towels and sheets and things like that, but I was surprised at some of the other things he was a little adamant about… like.. the rug just outside the shower. Who knew? Thanks for the comment, Carolyn!

  3. Anna says:

    I agree- creating the registry is a stressful event! Neither of us had much in the way of household stuff, so it was as though we had to decide everything we wanted for our house right then. I would recommend checking out consumer reports for some of the bigger items, such as pots and pans, knife sets, silverware, sheets, etc. We decided to have one registry at a slightly pricier store for things like dishes, silverware, sheets, etc. that we would be using often (several of my friends had their Target dishes chip pretty quickly 😦 ) along with a registry at a more affordable store. I would DEFINITELY recommend Amazon, as they allow you to register at other stores with their universal registry function. I was able to include items from Anthropologie, Etsy, World Market, and other random stores that didn’t have registry services. Besides, who wants 6 registry lists for 2 items apiece? You might as well consolidate! Additionally, Amazon offers a lot of different brands/ color options, and reading reviews as you go is incredibly helpful.

    Also, while I got some things that aren’t exactly classic *ahem, blue Anthro dish set, anyone?* and I am happy with them, I reeeeally regret not getting white towels and linens. They are easier to keep fresh and allow you to switch out bathroom decor without everything clashing.

    • twyf says:

      Good thinking on checking the consumer reports, Anna. My now-hubby’s dad does that a lot for things. I do wish we’d done a consolidated online registry for the exact reason you mentioned. I figured the only people I could tell about the more creative registries would be my bridesmaids and maybe a few of our more tech-savvy friends and family who wouldn’t blink an eye at shopping on Etsy. My mother and sister, since they know my style best, did purchase a few of our color accents. The Fiestaware factory is very close to my hometown, so my mom got us one of the patterned table cloths and my sister got us a few serving pieces. (Go local shopping!) Thanks for the comment, Anna!

  4. Chelsea says:

    We registered last month and target was one of our destinations. The kiosk is extremely slow, we had a printer and still waited a while for it to print. But the other problems you had there were merely bad luck. We never had any of those problems at any of the 3 stores. This could be helpful for someone that has no clue at all on how to register, but it should be obvious to at least know what you’re going to register for before you get to the store. We loved registering and never got stressed, it should be an enjoyable event!

    • twyf says:

      True, Chelsea! Like I said, no one told me! Haha It did get easier at Target, but BB&B was another story — that situation had nothing to do with us or the scanners, though. Which other stores did you go to?

  5. Andrea says:

    My suggestion would be to constantly check on your registries. We registered in person at Target and quickly noticed that many of our products were not available to purchase online, and many became completely out of stock. If you have a lot of guests coming from out of town, they will most likely be purchasing your gift online, so this definitely should be an option for them.

    Also check when you get home, because if your fiance is like mine, he will occasionally sneak away and scan random things that you don’t even need 🙂 But don’t get mad about it, because it’s a great thing that he’s even there to help!

    • twyf says:

      Such a good suggestion, Andrea. In our multiple trips to Target, we’d find some of our items getting discontinued, and they have an area where you can include a comment about the item on the online registry. We had the same problem with the item being in stores only, or it shortly going to online only. I don’t think Brian registered for any man-toys, but I wouldn’t have been too upset — he would have deserved one if we had really completed all of it in one day! Wings and beers were a good compromise. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  6. Christina says:

    I am also only a few months from the big day (So much to do!) and we created a registry on You can download a toolbar button from amazon (I normally HATE add ons like that, but hear me out) and while you’re surfing the web -literally ANY other website- if you find something you want you can add it to your wedding registry. K has added a ton of golf stuff from his favorite store and we even added a couple of things from Walmart that were cheaper than on amazon. I’m in love with our amazon registry, the only downfall is not everyone has the internet or credit cards (think grand parents and great aunts/uncles).

    • twyf says:

      Hope everything is going (or has gone) well for you, Christina! The struggle is real, sister. I wish we’d done an Amazon registry, and I totally agree about the toolbars. The button sounds like the new Pinterest button add-on, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ll use that in a day. It could have been dangerous with me and a registry button! Thanks for the comment!

  7. possibilityforsimplicity says:

    We had a similar experience–you expect registering to be so fun, but it’s overwhelming! We did Target too and the scanner died like 4 times…ugh. The biggest thing that helped us was bringing my mom along. She knew the mistakes she had made with her own registry and she had the experience of running a house. She kept telling us to register first for all essentials because we wanted to be sure we got those since you never know how many things will be bought off of it. We also did Amazon which was great for out of town guests.

    • twyf says:

      Moms do know best (sometimes. Well most times, probably, but I’m not ready to admit it, lol). You’re both right though — although we would have loved to get some new games, we needed dishes more. We’ll get any of those non-essentials afterwards with all of the gift cards. Thanks for the comment!

  8. Maiya says:

    Bed Bath and Beyond has an AMAZING registry system. You meet one on one with a bridal consultant- whose job isn’t just a normal associate, they have gone through specific training and it takes years to learn about absolutely every item in the store, to be able to be your bridal consultant. They give you the option of having them walk you through the entire store and teach you about different items that you may need help choosing (ie: the vacuum cleaners), or letting you free with a scanner, then there is usually a normal associate in whatever department you are in that assists you from there. They also have nearly EVERYTHING so its awesome to get most of it done at one store, especially here where I knew most of my guests would be frequent shoppers there anyways. I loved it. It was overall an awesome experience, though I agree, tiring.

    • twyf says:

      Thanks for the comment, Maiya! I really wish they had given us the option of letting us walk through on our own at BB&B. I felt like I was required to have the consultant, and I didn’t have a very enjoyable experience with her. She was very nice, and knowledgeable about the products, but I couldn’t have a real discussion with my fiance in front of her, and she guided us to only the most expensive items. I would have much rather preferred having someone come check on us every once in a while and give us input on items. I loved the registry completion event they had for after our wedding — we even won a door prize!

  9. Caitlin Radford says:

    I would recommend only doing two registries….. one online and one store…. we did Target and Amazon…. that way it was easier to keep checking on them and if there is that one thing from another store that you really want you can just add it to your web registry. We also have a lot of out of town so Amazon was great for that and for those people who like shopping in a physical place we have Target and since its a chain they can go anywhere.

    • twyf says:

      Good idea, Caitlin! With the store apps, it makes it even easier to check on your registry status from your phone, too. Not that I looked at my registries every other day or anything… haha. We didn’t have as many out of town, but a lot of people went the route of cash/check/gift card for the reception. Target is always a winner in my book, though.

  10. Johanna says:

    I was a bridal consultant for years and can tell you more tips! Guests want to give you things that are special
    And that you will use! Things that come in boxes (say sets of things, small appliances, bakeware) are #1! I know “china” is not something new couples want but guests will go to it first! Things you pick out should last your lifetime together! Don’t pick out cheap junk or the most expensive! Oh and pick out frames as candles because you WILL hey them, at least make them what you want! I could go on an on! And check your registry before and after showers so your guests have things to buy! (Rule of thumb 2 to 3 items should be on your registry per guest per event)

    • twyf says:

      Good tips, Johanna! As someone who is terrible at wrapping gifts, boxes are best. We picked silverware and dishes we could be happy with forever — he had a relative make a side comment that our simple white dishes were “tacky.” I’m sure she’ll love her rooster plates forever… I agree about the frames, and I wish we’d picked a couple out. We actually got two of those frame-fronted photo albums, so we might print pictures for each side of our family and give those to our moms as post-wedding gifts. Thanks for the comment!

  11. Kim says:

    OMG….this is why my hubs and I went to vegas….but that is b/c there is no way I could have planned a wedding…..we lived together for about 7 years so the registry wasn’t too bad….but trying to plan the wedding myself…yep that wasn’t happening…LOL

    • twyf says:

      Haha, Kim, I think Vegas is always a good idea. We went there for our honeymoon (my 6th time there, his first), and I can’t count on one hand how many times before the wedding I asked him if it was too late to just take our honeymoon and get married there.

  12. roberta says:

    If you are looking to register at another store try bed bath and beyond. The bridal staff are friendly and will walk with you the whole time to assist you pick everything. Try not to go on weekends because most locations are usually very busy so it tends to be harder to look at items. I wish you luck and congratulations on your up coming wedding.

    • twyf says:

      Hi, Roberta! Thanks! We did use BB&B as our second store. However, my experience there with the consultant wasn’t as great as it could have been. I felt uncomfortable having someone else there, and felt that I couldn’t have a real discussion with my fiance (now husband) about items we were scanning. Perhaps it depends on the couple and the consultant? I couldn’t imagine going on a weekend though — I bet it would be really crazy. We went on a day the college where I work was closed due to inclement weather, and there were quite a few other teachers and college staff-types there registering, too! Thanks for the comment and the well-wishes!

  13. Page says:

    I love these! They are so great and simple. You really reached many people with this post because it’s good even for other types of registries as well.
    I like It allows you to combine all of your registries together and send one giant registry (from different stores and online) to your friends and family. They can link through the Myregistry page and then it will remove the item. It also works to keep them stored all in one place for easy viewing when you need to access them all without going to different websites. I highly recommend it. 😉

    • twyf says:

      Thank you, Page — I appreciate your kind comment! I’ve seen sites like, and I looked into one (I forget which), but it said it was closing down before our wedding. 😦 I think that would be a super helpful tool, though. A single link like that could go right on your wedding website, or just print out the URL to put on a little card in shower invitations.

  14. Jackie says:

    Hi – I am a wedding registry consultant at Macy’s. Loved your post! I suggest going to a store with a consultant, I have a lot of couples that come directly from Target or bb&b and say how much less stressful it is when you have a consultant helping you rather than a customer service associate handing you a scanner and having you create/ pull up your registry on a kiosk. There are a lot of stores with consultants who give that special personal touch to the registry experience and make it a lot more fun! We can help you find the right answers for your individual lifestyle for all the questions like: How many towels we need? What type of cookware do we want? Do I need a KitchenAid stand mixer? Etc.
    Hope this helps

    • twyf says:

      Hi, Jackie! Thanks for your comment — I didn’t know they had consultants at Macy’s, too! I think it may depend on the couple and the consultant. We had one at BB&B, and she was so very nice, but I felt like I couldn’t have those more contentious discussions with my fiance (now husband) in front of this other person and that I couldn’t entirely focus on what I really wanted. She got us registered for the most expensive things, things that I was uncomfortable asking our guests to purchase because I felt that the price was unjustified, and we ended up deleting a lot of those things from our online registry when we got home. I’m sure for some people, having a consultant is a huge help and they can answer a lot of questions, but I think I would have preferred having someone check in on us every once in a while. You bring up a lot of good points though, about figuring out what each couple will need for their particular lifestyle. Like I said, she was really nice, knowledgeable, and good at her job, but it wasn’t my favorite experience.

  15. Julie says:

    This is the first time I have ever seen this information and it is spot on. I got married two years ago…it was a second wedding for both of us; we had two household full of good stuff and thought that registering would be a breeze. IT WAS NOT. 3 scanners died on us at Target. It took hours at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We decided to go get a drink halfway through, which was a great idea. Small break and hydration helped. We are two mature adults who got a perfect score on our conflict resolution pre-marital test and this was by far, one of the most unexpectedly stressful parts of getting married. One of the others was when we moved in together and had to have a discussion about which spatula was better ad naseum. We had duplicates of everything and every drawer, closet and pantry had to be cleaned out by both of us at the same time so we could discuss why he liked his whisk better than mine multiplied times thousands. Two years later, our stuff and lives are happily intertwined.

    • twyf says:

      Glad to hear you’ve found a way to combine your lives in harmony, Julie! Since my now-husband and I each had our own apartments, we had a lot of duplicates — microwaves, toaster ovens, cookware. We picked which ones to part with when we moved in together and packaged everything else as a “College Student Special” on Craigslist. I was so surprised at how stressful the whole process was. I’d imagined just going crazy with the scanners and the store associates offering a bottle of water or something. I was so wrong.

  16. Jill says:

    Some stores will give you a discount on things that were on your registry that people didn’t buy you. So if there’s a really big item you want that realistically no one would get you, add it anyway if you’ll get a deal after the wedding. Also, if there are things you have and DON”T WANT people to buy you anyway (ex. you already have a crockpot you love and don’t want 5 more) put it on the registry and mark it as purchased, it won’t always work, but it’s easy enough to do!

    • twyf says:

      YES. Love that discount after the wedding. 20% at the BB&B completion event (plus we won a door prize!) and Target sent us a 10% off coupon for in store and online. Thanks, Jill!

  17. Lydia says:

    My fiancé and I just registered at Target yesterday, and it was a six-hour event. Our scanner died five different times, and by the last time I was yelling out profanities. Still, it is a good way to learn your partner’s tastes if you haven’t already. We also went with simple, classic colors and styles that won’t ever look dated. I would also suggest that you focus on the most necessary items first, and the random items later. Think bed sheets, appliances, dishwater, household stuff. And definitely register for more than you think you need–you may be surprised by what people will buy. We registered for a $300 stand mixer!

    • twyf says:

      Yep, sounds about right. That first time at Target was so frustrating with the scanner, but since it’s my favorite store, I knew I had to power through. Sometimes you’ll even pick up random items along the way that you don’t register for. An old college professor and his wife gave us a beautiful Waterford crystal vase for our wedding — we didn’t register for one, but I’m happy to have it! Thanks, Lydia!

  18. Gina Fernandez says:

    My son recently got married. For him and his then fiancée, they skipped the registry madness and requested for cash or gift certificate to their chosen stores. Now unless your not bothered by not seeing a tower of beautifully, wrapped wedding presents on your wedding day, I think they were really smart in doing this. 1. It saved them and their guests the hassle of shopping. 2. I think people are more generous when giving cash or gift certificates. 3. It gave them time to agree on what they really needed and wanted especially on color schemes on towels, bed sheets. I tell you, it will take a lifetime to agree on those things. 4. Most fun, actually shopping for it yourself. I know I was with them when they they went on one of their sprees to one of their elected stores. Plus the store gave additional discounts because of the amounts they were spending. They did this after their wedding and honeymoon and moving into their bare condo. 5. And I think most important, none to less tension between you and your fiancée. Hope this helps. Blessing!

    • twyf says:

      Thanks for sharing, Gina! Those are great points. In addition to your guests not having to shop for you, you and your spouse don’t have to bring home gift boxes from the wedding in addition to tearing down the reception hall, and in some cases the ceremony venue, too. I know we filled the back of my mom’s car AND my best friend’s mom’s car with leftovers and decorations, and we had to have one of my bridesmaids take our gifts home for us.

  19. colleen says:

    My advice…. avoid the store all together and just register online. You can do a little at a time, easily research and look at reviews along the way, and will have more options (many stores have more online than in stock).
    If there are items you need to see/feel (towels for example) you can check them out in store, but for everything else, click of a computer button is awesome.

    • twyf says:

      Online really can be the way to go, sometimes. I’ll confess: I did spend a few lunch hours going through BB&B’s website finding new things to register for that they didn’t have in stores. Case in point: our ice cream spade. I love that thing. But of course, all they had in stores were the trigger scoops that can bend if ice cream is too hard or get a bunch of ice cream stuck inside. Thanks, Colleen!

  20. englishallison1980 says:

    My fiance and I just registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond last weekend. Our consultant was incredibly helpful, but you’re right. The whole experience was SO stressful. Even after the fact, we had not yet decided on bedding or bathroom decor (we aren’t living together yet, so we don’t exactly know what type of space we are decorating), but we began discussing that yesterday. After a while of disagreements, we finally decided on our bedroom and the guest room decor, and will choose bathroom stuff from there. For now, we are doing Dillard’s as well (there isn’t a Macy’s where he lives), and we are contemplating Target. I’ve also heard that it can be a good idea to register for some of the same items at more than one place. It gives your guests more options. For example, there is not a Bed, Bath, & Beyond near my fiance’s family, but there is a Dillard’s. If they want to buy us some of our dishes or cookware, having those options at both BBBY and Dillard’s is a good idea. And BBBY has hassle-free returns. Anything you get that you find you don’t need can be returned for store credit, so you can still go shopping for what you DO want. And you get 10% off of anything still on your registry after the wedding. Also, they now have these completion events throughout the year where you can come and buy anything in the store for 20% off the whole purchase – and it doesn’t have to be on your registry. OH! And I would absolutely suggest registering for gift cards for all stores at which you are registered. Those who will be traveling to the wedding from out-of-town may prefer something less bulky, and a gift card still gives them the opportunity to give you something they know you’ll use.

    • twyf says:

      Gotta love those return policies! Somehow, we ended up with 4 sets of the same sheets from Target, even though we registered for just one in that pattern. We started a stock pile of gift cards from the showers and returns that my fiance (now husband) kept in the lock box… ya know… just so I’d avoid the temptation for a shopping spree. The completion event at BB&B was really helpful, too. Thanks for the comment!

    • twyf says:

      Thanks, Nikkie! Those are really great suggestions. I completely agree about the Calphalon set — you definitely need reliable cookware. It might even be a good idea to register for a couple of extras of the things you use the most. In our case, it would be the 10-12″ skillet and the 2qt pot.

  21. Megan says:

    I work at Macy’s and have spent some time in our housewares department and have also filled in for our bridal consultant a few times. One of the nice things about Macy’s is they have what’s called “The Dream Fund”. It’s a gift card you are given when registering and people can just add to “The Dream Fund” if they plan on giving a gift card, and then you aren’t given a thousand gift cards for Macy’s, you just have one. Macy’s also allows registrants to add their Macy’s card to their registry account and they get 10% back (as a gift card) on all purchases through the wedding, and also get 5% back on what their guests spend. And then there is the completion discount after the wedding (a good time to use the dream fund card!)

  22. pandy627 says:

    We have all the items we need for our home, so we have decided to do a honeymoon registry. We’re able to list the various activities we will do on our honeymoon and people can contribute money towards them. While the reality is it’s just people giving us money, they feel like they are still contributing to an experience that we want as much as they are contributing to say something like towels that we liked. It also enables us to have both higher priced and lower priced items for guests. It’s win-win!

  23. Kate says:

    I would suggest Pottery Barn & Williams-Sonoma as well. Verify this, but I believe credits at these stores are interchangeable…for example, you register for lots of gadgety cooking tools and receive multiples of them or decide later that you didn’t need ALL those baking pans, those credits can be used toward …a comforter at Pottery Barn…which, I would highly recommend registering for, BTW, even if it’s one for your guest room. Because you just don’t justify those expenditures when you’re newly married😍 and it can actually help you make color choices if you find one you like.

    Having an online registry like Amazon is great, BUT I think when young couples chooses things based on tons of reviewers’ opinions, they come up with items that can be somewhat of a fad. I would take an aunt or someone with you to register that you love & trust that is a good cook with a swoon-worthy home, and get THEIR advice along the way. Maybe you’ll regret that cheap set of knives you registered for and wish you’d gotten 3 good Henckels knives. Did you really need an electric can opener that you now need a place to store or leave it out on the counter (yuck) instead of a good handheld one that fits in the drawer of your tiny first apartment? I mean, I’d rather have a gorgeous Kitchen-Aid mixer sitting out than that!! Just remember this is your big chance!

  24. Becca says:

    Did you know you can use your smartphone to scan items for your Target registry? Just download the app. I used it a lot when we were done initially registering but I kept finding things to add. It works so much better than the scanner!

  25. Rebecca Einstein says:

    Has anyone used Zola for their wedding registry? It seems to be like Amazon, where you can bring things in from other stores and websites. Just starting to build my registry now so these comments are great suggestions!

  26. Cassie says:

    My number 1 registry tip is to DO IT ONLINE. You can see user reviews of the products you are considering, you can do it while you’re snuggled up on the couch sipping your coffee, you can work on it a little at a time vs doing a marathon day – so many reasons to create your registry online. I think most, if not all, stores who offer a registry have this option now 🙂

  27. Shelby says:

    this is my life right now. you get it and I appreciate that. also, you’re hilarious 🙂

    thanks for making me feel like I’m not totally insane!!!

    • twyf says:

      Thank you for your sweet words, Shelby! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Registry making was one of the most stressful parts of or while engagement. Explains why it took us three trips to finish it!!

  28. DJ says:

    This brings back a funny memory. When my hubby and I were engaged, we spent 4 hours at Kohl’s picking out everything with the scanner. When we went back to the kiosk, the employee pressed the wrong button and cleared the entire scanner! Everything was gone! We took it in stride and decided that we knew what we liked and that’s good enough for the first day.

    (The icing on the cake was emergency personnel coming into the store to rescue some lady who is claustrophobic and ended up trapped in the Kohl’s elevator.)

    Luckily, my husband has a fabulous memory and we recreated the registry online that night. He remembered the style name of our silverware and everything. This is another tip: don’t be afraid to keep a list of what you like in store, and actually create the registry online. The scanners can be really irritating to work with. Online registry might be less stressful because snacks are also readily available.


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