Real Wedding: Leslie & Kurtis

leslie 2

This month’s real wedding features one of my co-workers, Leslie, and her husband, Kurtis. I was very happy that Leslie agreed to be one of my “real” brides because I enjoy getting the perspective of someone else who works in the bridal industry. All brides are different, and so are consultants, so for me, it’s interesting to see what they would pick for their own weddings.

The Bride: Leslie Z.
The Groom: Kurtis H.
Date & location of your wedding: November 3, 2012. The ceremony was at St. Mary’s Church in Warren, OH and the reception was at Aulizio’s in Niles, OH.

Tell us about your wedding: I went for a more traditional theme. I did a black and white wedding with little “pops” of a light blue color called capri. From working in a bridal shop, I see all these brides doing crazy color schemes and it truly frightened me because these women don’t see how insane their colors are for one, and also because getting into crazy colors costs SO much money and becomes so frustrating to match things. I guess the big reason for the color scheme was so my husband would feel included. Capri is the color of his favorite (and by favorite, I mean his obsession) basketball team, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. About 50 people showed up at the church for the ceremony, which was perfect because its a very small church, and we had 250 people at our reception, which felt more like 500 when you have to greet everyone. The church was a perfect intimate setting, and Aulizio’s was a spacious setting that I couldn’t have been happier with. We had a 4 tier square cake, and we’re counting down the days until our one year anniversary to eat the top of it. My girls wore traditional black dresses and carried white flowers wrapped in capri blue ribbons.

What about the ceremony? We had a traditional Catholic ceremony, with 8 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen, a cute little flower girl, and a handsome little ring bearer (who was never trusted with the ring, his job was to be cute).

leslie 3

What was your favorite/funniest moment? Honestly, the best and favorite time of the night was in the party bus for us! In the party bus for that hour between the reception and the ceremony, we finally had a chance to relax and have fun. Even at the reception, we had so much to worry about, talking to all our guests, cutting the cake, speeches, etc., etc. You really don’t get time to enjoy your reception like you think you do, its heartbreaking after spending SO much money on ONE day. Luckily on the party bus, we were able to have a BLAST. Kurtis and I definitely agree it was the best time that day.

What would you definitely do again? What would you change? Although I was absolutely 100% happy with my day, I would not do it again… ever. I’m such a practical person that it literally KILLED me spending so much money on one day. If I could change it, I would tell Kurtis I don’t care what he wanted, we’re going to Mexico and getting married. He’s the only reason we did the whole traditional thing.

Your advice: My advice is enjoy being a bride-to-be. Spend money on the silly bride shirts you’re only going to wear one time. That’s one regret I have, since I never did that. Go with your gut on what you REALLY want for your wedding day, not what your guy wants because either way he will get over it. Enjoy planning, eat all the free cake you can, get all the samples you can. The cake tastings were the BEST part of planning! Fortunately, I’m not one of those people who freak out over things so I was not a bridezilla, but don’t be a bridezilla. Remember that no matter what goes wrong, no matter if you have chair covers or not, that’s NOT what the day is about. Something is going to go wrong, big or small, you have to realize that, and you have to accept it and say, “as long as I’m marrying the man of my dreams, my day will be perfect.” Pick a rock solid maid of honor — luckily, my MOH was the best! Without a killer MOH, you will be freaking out to your fiancé and he will never understand in a million years why you’re so upset that you have to make 250 favors, why the seating chart is so important, or why you need to have your dress fitted.

leslie 1

Tearin’ it up with some of her co-workers

What was the most important thing you learned from your wedding? The most important thing I learned from my wedding is who I can truly count on. As strange as that may sound, it is so true for every bride. Every person in your family, and all of your friends, are going to tell you they will “help” when you get engaged. The reality is they are probably not. I can count on one hand who was a major help to me. I also learned that nothing is worth freaking out over; it really isn’t.

Thank you for letting me share your big day, Leslie! Let me know if that cake is still good after your anniversary! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to like it on Facebook or click the “I Totally Want to Follow This Blog” request on the right side of the page. 🙂

Leslie’s vendors she wouldn’t mind recommending: FAB Limo is just that, FAB! Aulizio’s was so beautiful and delicious. DJ Branden will make your wedding the BEST EVER! Those are just my top three, the other vendors were a little difficult to deal with and had attitudes at times. I asked DJ Branden to send me pics of the hall and cake when he go there, an dhe did, he helped make my day perfect.

FAB Limousine & Tour
DJ Branden:




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