Coming Back Down to Earth

Sorry. I’ve been a little absent lately, haven’t I? There have been a lot of things happening, including a couple of (maybe) promising job applications, and the real countdown to mine and Brian’s wedding beginning. (We’re less than a year away now! Whoa!) While I catch up on this blog, I’m catching up on the last season of Glee, which I’m really only watching because I feel like I need to clear out my Hulu queue. In my opinion, it jumped the shark when Mr. Schuester had the Glee Club kids help him propose to Emma using a choreographed dance in the pool to Rihanna’s “We Found Love.”

Cue the Esther Williams’ homage! (It reminds me more of the SNL Olympics synchronized swimming sketch with Martin Short…)

In other wedding news, my dress came in a couple of weeks ago. It was even better than I remember it, probably because it fit me perfectly. A couple of my bridesmaids came with me so I could show them and we took a look at a few dresses for them. Brian and I crossed another big to-do off our list and put a down payment on our ceremony venue, and I’m very excited about our location. I think it’s going to be amazing.

But now, with 11 (short) months left before the big day, we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty, not-so-glamorous aspects of planning. See, its not all cake-tasting and trying on pretty dresses. Sometimes you have to have some real talk with your partner-in-wed, and one of the most awkward, semi-cringe-inducing discussions you might have will probably have to do with money. Who is going to pay what, how much things are going to cost, and what is and isn’t within your budget. While I won’t go into details, because I don’t want to go into personal deets about money, I will talk about what this discussion has meant to me.

It helped me put things I’ve been thinking and picturing for the wedding into perspective. Sure, I’ve had a “Get Wedding-ed” Pinterest board with ideas for ceremony and reception inspiration since before Brian proposed, and there are so many things that I would love to do. For example, I absolutely love the idea of having a patterned aisle runner to help add an unexpected punch of color to the ceremony venue, especially since we’re not having a flower girl.

But then I did the math. And I immediately felt my face go all Grumpy Cat. I estimated, even on the low end with coupons, that a nice patterned fabric would cost about $5 a yard. Then I looked at the dimensions of our venue, and the aisle is 19 yards. That works out to $95. $95 for a piece of fabric for me to walk on twice. No, thanks. So, I think I’ll be just fine with the plain white $20 aisle runner that I can get down to $10 with a 50% off coupon. (Of course, I’ll take the time to personalize that in one way or another.) Then, we broke down the cost of each invitation. While I’m not too surprised by the cost of the actual invitation, its the postage that adds up.

Another challenge for me is going to be knowing when to DIY and when to buy. I’ve been planning on doing so much, but sometimes, the cost of creating it yourself (time + cost of supplies, including glues, scissors, etc) can outweigh the cost of buying something pre-made. That’s why sometimes the price of things on Etsy can seem a little high, but remember: someone put a lot of time and effort into making that totally cool doo-dad. People know I’m a crafty gal. As much as I would love to put my unique touch on a great deal of aspects for the wedding, I have to know whats’s worth tackling myself and what I can let someone else handle for me.

Probably the best way for me to think about things from here on out is what is reasonable and necessary vs. really nice but not really needed and a little crazy. This won’t stop me from oo-ing and ah-ing over the glossy pages of bridal magazines or pinning gorgeous ideas for my inspiration boards. I just have to draw a line somewhere: is it a central item that will simply ruin the day if its not there, leaving my shaking my fist at a cloudy sky, or is it just something pretty that maybe only I’ll notice?


2 thoughts on “Coming Back Down to Earth

    • twyf says:

      I’ve been fearing that. I’m hoping to get a lot of things done in the next couple of months, like invite designs, starting to order decorations, and then trying to think of every tiny aspect that might get overlooked closer towards the date.


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