Bridal Recon, Part 2: Sparkling Moments Bridal Show

One of the many dresses from Sorelle Bridal Salon

One of the many dresses from Sorelle Bridal Salon

This is a little late in coming, and for some reason, I just haven’t had much motivation to write, well, anything. Maybe I’ve been inspired by the daily mini-marathons of Sex & the City on E!, but I have my next four blog posts planned out for Twyf Becomes Wife and Dames Who Dish. A few weeks ago, I attended St. Florian’s Sparkling Moments Bridal Show in Wintersville, Ohio, with my best friend, Kara, her hubby-to-be, Rocco, and their mothers. While we were mainly there in search of their wedding cake, I wanted to see what else the Ohio Valley has to offer for area brides.

Decor by Piergallini Catering, the exclusive caterer to St. Florian's Hall

Decor by Piergallini Catering, the exclusive caterer to St. Florian Hall

The Sparkling Moments Bridal Show featured over 40 different vendors offering photography services, DJs, and apparel, among several other things. It was hosted by Piergallini Catering, the exclusive caterer to St. Florian Hall, where the event was held. Kara and Rocco already have them booked to cater their wedding at a different location, which I’m really happy about because their food is fantastic. Good move, guys. I liked this centerpiece they had at their booth because it reminded me of the tree centerpiece at one of the reception venues Brian and I visited.

Faux cakes from Tina's Sweet Celebrations

Faux cakes from Tina’s Sweet Celebrations

One of the cake vendors at the event was Tina’s Sweet Celebrations from Martin’s Ferry, Ohio. In addition to the gorgeous cakes they create, they offer cake pops, which are always very popular. The two cakes in the picture are actually faux cakes that have a small wedge-shaped section cut out of them on one of the layers. The bakers insert a large slice of cake into that area for the couple to cut while less expensive sheet cakes are cut and prepared to serve in the back. I like the top layer of the one on the left — very neat.

Along with the standard set of vendors you’d expect to see at a wedding show, there were a couple of others that were a little unexpected. It included booths for liposuction, laser fat removal, and other aesthetic services; a t-shirt printing company; several clothing boutiques; and a funeral home. Yep. A funeral home. However, what they were offering was not entirely morbid: they were passing out information about the thumbprint wedding bands. (Haven’t heard of them before? Check these out.) One of the more memorable vendors was a combination DJ/photography service that literally “rolled out the red carpet” for weddings, offering a red carpet for the wedding party at the ceremony and then, for the guests at the reception, along with a Hollywood premiere-style backdrop for them to pose in front of as they head into the venue. They also can provide low-level fog for the couple’s first dance, which they called “dancing on a cloud.” While its not for me, I’m sure its just right for someone.

The sparkles. Dear Lord, the sparkles.

The sparkles. Dear Lord, the sparkles.

After enjoying a lunch by Piergallini Catering and multiple cake samples, it was time for the bridal show. Sorelle Bridal Salon provided all of the bridal fashions, as well as dresses for bridesmaids. The above dress, covered in gold sequins and featuring a full illusion back, was my favorite dress by far, but I have no idea who designed it. The only unfortunate thing about this show was that if you liked a particular dress, there was no information about its designer. While the designers featured that afternoon were mentioned by the emcee, the only way you could find out about the dress was if you were able to get a picture of it and take it to the salon later on. That being said, they had a great selection of gowns and I liked how it was interspersed with bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride/groom dresses, and suits for the guys.

Changing your perspective on what a MOB/G dress looks like.

Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses were provided by Anna-Kay’s Unique Fashions, a women’s apparel boutique in downtown Steubenville. At their booth, they had jewelry, accessories like scarves and bags, vests, and other items available for purchase. The dress on the left immediately reminded me of Duchess Kate’s engagement announcement dress (which apparently now comes in maternity styles?) The emcee kept suggesting most of these dresses for cruise wear, so I guess that would be another use for your MOB/G dress.

St Florians 7

Ha, that guy in the back is doing the Bernie.

You can’t go wrong with guys in suits dancing on the runway. These guys were hilarious during the entire show. Even though neither of us won the grand prize of a honeymoon in Italy, Kara and Rocco found their cake vendor, so I guess it was a successful afternoon.



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