“6 Rules a Guy MUST Follow When He Proposes!” Yeah Right, Because He Looks at Pinterest All Day.

Am I off-base here, or is this just a little much?

Am I off-base here, or is this just a little much?

So, I may have taken a little artistic liberty with that screen grab from Pinterest, but it’s been bugging me ever since these “6 rules” first popped up on my boards. The caption states that there are “only” 6 rules the pinner requires from a guy when he inevitably proposes to her. Some of them make sense, but there are a couple that sound a bit demanding. Maybe I’m just a low-maintenance kinda gal, but I never made any demands of Brian when he proposed to me, nor gave him guidelines prior to it happening. I was just really happy he did it, and that was enough for me. Here is what Pinterest suggests he do…

Rule #1: Ask for my parents’ blessing.

Ok, I’m down with that. I’m sure there are some cases where the bride isn’t particularly close to her family and then it would be weird to do that, or if the bride is a little older/has been independent for a long time/has previously been married and it may not be necessary. But, this rule is still fine.

Rule #2: Make it a complete surprise.

I guess? I mean, I hate surprises. I’m the girl who always needs to know what is happening and when. (I’ve always thought Brian and I remind me of Phil and Claire Dunphy from Modern Family… “What’s the plan, Phil?!”) However, being proposed to was a good surprise, and one I could deal with. Ladies, I would suggest making sure that there is someone he can ask about what kind of ring you would want and let your mom, sister, or best friend know what you like and what you don’t. Or, maybe you’re like us and have looked at rings together, so it wasn’t a complete surprise that he actually did propose. 

Rule #3: Use my full name.

You know something very serious is about to be said to you when you hear your full name. Fifteen years ago, it was probably one of your parents saying it, followed by, “if you make me pull this car over…” Full name is good, but if there is a special nickname, don’t be afraid to throw that in, too.

Rule #4: Get down on one knee.

Well, duh. With the exceptions of proposing while skydiving or participating in any other extreme adventure — or you’re this guy — take a knee, friend. But, after the freefall from space or building top is over and you’re both on solid ground, give that ring to your partner properly. Pro Tip: You also need to put it on her/his (hey, why not?) finger. I sort of had to remind Brian of that…

Rule #5: Have someone catch it on camera.

Here’s when it starts to get a little tricky for me. I would never demand of my fiance that he hire a secret photographer to capture the moment. That photographer would have had a horrible time trying to capture it considering Brian had the ring for about a month and couldn’t figure out when or where to do it. I’m glad that we didn’t have someone else there because it was a very special moment for just the two of us, and as much as we love our family and friends, I’m glad we got to have a little bit of private time together just being engaged. While this isn’t a terrible demand (or the one that irks me the most), it is pushing it, in my opinion, especially if you’re not into The Bachelor(ette) style proposals. 

Rule #6: Make sure my nails are done!

What? No. I’m sorry, that crosses the line for me. I’m sure lots of money has already been spent on getting a nice ring and hiring that photographer (unless its an heirloom ring and a family member is hiding in the bushes somewhere…), and I would feel bad about him shelling out an extra $40 for me to get my nails done “randomly.” I’ve never asked Brian for a manicure, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone for one while we’ve been together. I typically just buff them to a shine myself. If my guy suggested he treat me to a manicure out of the blue, I would start to suspect something, breaking Rule #2.

Most of these “rules” are just common sense when you’re proposing to someone, and others seem a little too much. What are your thoughts? Is there something that your sweetheart must absolutely do to get you to say yes?


3 thoughts on ““6 Rules a Guy MUST Follow When He Proposes!” Yeah Right, Because He Looks at Pinterest All Day.

  1. Bethany says:

    So can I just say, I agree completely with everything you posted here.

    1: Before my Dad died, he told Alex that he was a great match for me (big deal…my Dad wasn’t exactly emotional) And he asked for my Mom’s and sisters blessings as well…which mattered to me.

    2: I knew it was going to be coming, but I had no idea when. So when he did it on the beach, I almost passed out.

    3: I honestly was in such a daze, I don’t know if he used my full name or not. That didn’t really matter to me

    4: He did it, and it made it all the more special.

    5: I could never demand him to do that. He actually did have it planned, but our friend last minute could not go on vacation with us. So it was a good thought. I don’t know, I have the memory still so vividly painted in my head that I don’t need the picture. It would have been a great add-on. But I was just happy he wanted to create a life with me as much as I did with him.

    6: I just so happened to have my nails painted an awesome color (4 dollars, Sally Instant Drive, royal blue, bam) But Alex doesn’t notice when I change my hair color, let alone when I do my nails.

    Girlies, just a little advice from someone who can be very demanding…it doesn’t work. Savor the moment when he asks, because no matter what happens, it’s all worth it. You won’t need a picture, and you won’t need your nails done. Nothing else will matter

    Great post Abbie! I am totally trolling right now haha.

  2. Ava Meena says:

    I was really caught up in #5 and #6 and had to learn a lesson in communicating my expectations as a result. But my now husband told me that the most important thing was planning our life together, and has refused to budge on the fact that our engagement was perfect for us. I’m so grateful for his perspective, because otherwise it becomes so easy to focus on the negatives.

  3. Bre says:

    To me #6 is not asking him to cover the cost but to plan to propose when your nails look marvelous. Lots of pics will be taken of just the hand to capture the ring- who wants their nails to be chipped or nail polish peeling off? I def don’t. So I think guys can work with a best friend and help make sure his lady is camera ready.


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